Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One glowing review can make your whole day

I had to share the latest review (a 5-star one at that!) that I received for "A Shot in the Dark". Every author loves to get a review like this! Thank you, Leigh, for bringing a big, fat smile to my face.


"Regarding A Shot in the Dark, I have a bone to pick with Ms Cape! As I am a writer myself, I do not have a great deal of time to read other people’s work without severely cutting into my own productivity. Still, I do usually manage to eke out a few minutes per day in this endeavor. Ms Cape’s tale, however, is directly responsible for those “few minutes” having turned into several, enough so that they became hours!
A Shot in the Dark is an excitingly fascinating work that binds the reader to the saddle right out of the starting gate and provides a wild ride reminiscent of Mr. Toad’s! We meet freelance photographer Kady Swann and an enigmatic stranger named Silas, who captivates Kady’s — and our — interest from the outset, causing more questions to form in our minds than it seems he will ever be willing to answer. The two are drawn together into a peculiarly compelling relationship that immediately becomes fraught with intrigue and danger sufficient to satisfy Dean Koontz, whose prodigious work came to mind as I was reading that of Jayleigh Cape. 
Working with and assisted by heroes, battling and confounded by villains, these two protagonists wend their way through a story that has been as skillfully crafted as any I have read. All too often, reviewers will give kudos to the valiant efforts exhausted in a writer’s first novel. However, although this novel is Jayleigh Cape’s premier opus, it most certainly does not read like one. Ms Cape is one of those rarities in the plethora of writers in the market today: a true powerhouse of a talent!
Five stars seem insufficient."
~ Reviewed by Leigh MacCallum

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