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Reader Reviews of "A Shot in the Dark"

"As an avid reader I can definitely say this is up there with the best of the best sellers. Couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next book to be published by Jayleigh Cape. I will be among the first to order."
~ Debbie Blaha |  See the full review at

"Given the fact that the fantasy lit genre has been dominated in the last few years by wizards, vampires, and werewolves, I had just about despaired of finding anything new or original that would pique my interest. I was surprised - and delighted - to discover that this small but weighty piece of fiction not only does not have a single one of the aforementioned characters but also breaks new and interesting ground in an area I really thought was, well, done for.
          Cape's novella succeeds on a number of levels. It boasts an intelligent and independent, not to mention creative, heroine who can more than stand toe-to-toe with the story's hero. And speaking of that hero, he fulfills many women's leather-and-motorcycle fantasies (thank you, Ms. Cape!) but also brings to the field an altogether otherworldly persona that is both strong and gentle. The supporting players are flesh-and-blood - no one-dimensional characters here - and each has a distinct voice. The narrative is inventive, and it unfolds seamlessly to end up . . . well, that would destroy the fun, wouldn't it? Suffice it to say, our hero is not from Kansas, and the plot involves more than saving a few lives here on Planet Earth. Finally, Cape's writing style is fluid and personable, drawing you in completely. She has a strong voice, as strong as that of her heroine. (Similarities, perhaps?)
          For a first effort, this novella is more than impressive. Without giving too much away, it's likely there might be a second. I certainly hope so."
~ Crescent Mooney | See the full review at

"....The story was strong, well written and engaging...well-rounded characters. The plot moved very well and quickly and the dialog was natural and believable. On the negative side, the first chapter felt like the author was trying to be overly descriptive, bogging down the story a bit. Once the plot really took hold, the story really began to move forward. The only other problem I had, and it may just be my preference, was that the tension rose to a high pitch early in the book and rarely dropped. With most of the thrillers I read, the tension comes in waves of varying intensity, thus making some parts much more powerful. In this novel, the tension is high throughout...I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading thrillers and I'd definitely rate this book much higher than Harlan Coben's first book, Play Dead."
~ Steve Hikida | See the full review at

"Wow. Fast-paced page turner. Very vivid, well developed characters. Great plot line with more than a few unexpected surprises. I felt like I was right there, in the middle of the commotion... I felt all of the nervousness, anxiousness and tension. Jayleigh makes it a point to make the reader feel totally involved in the scenarios as they play out, making this a very hard book to put down out of fear that you will be abandoning the characters and you might very well miss something (though you know you won't... it's a book). Highly recommended!!! I find her strong literary voice utterly amazing... I am anxiously awaiting her next installment!"
~ Jackie Mullins | See the full review at

"Let me just start by saying that this was a wonderful book to read. It is very fast-paced, the characters are well developed, and the plot is delightfully complex. Just when you think that the current problem is nearly resolved the plot takes a sudden twist and everything gets that much more complicated and dangerous. I would day more, but I don't want to give anything away. If you like love, danger, cringe, memorable bad guys, memorable good guys, or just a good time spent with a good book, then "A Shot in the Dark" is for you."
~ Zach Sparks | See the full review at

"I won this book on Goodreads Firstreads. I gave this book four stars because I really did enjoy reading it but I debated with myself between 3-4 stars, 3.5 there that is better. Now, I give it 3.5 because I think there could have been a lot more to the story, every time things got interesting it felt like they were sped through. It was a fast read and as I said I enjoyed the book. Worth a read."
~ Lynda | See the full review at

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